Modern Weapons Character recap Spoiler warning



KAZUYA NAGATO ( Main Character )


Chitose Katayama ( Second in Command)


Eric Ball (Sgt)


Ibuki (LT) (Harem member)


Miller (Commander of Parabellum home base)


Fletcher (LT)


Funasaka (sgt)


Serishia Lourke (priestess turned harem member) {former Imperial army}


Harris (Captain USS NIMITZ)


Clements (Warrant Officer) [Special Forces]


Vampire Sisters (saved at mansion)

   Raina and Reyna { Maids } Status : Alive


Cullotes (Fox Kin) [Saved from mansion]

{Maid) Status: Dead


Wilhelm (Wolf Kin) [Saved from Mansion]

{Maid} Status: Alive


Augel (Lamia) [Saved at mansio]

{Maid} Statu: Dead


Rumi (Dark Elf) [Saved from mansion]

{Maid} Status: Alive


Eru (Ogre) [Saved from Mansion] {Maid} status: Alive

Rudel (Major) Commanding Officer of a Fighter squadron


Milly (Major General) [ Commander of Dallas base]


Michale Whitman (Captain) [Commander of 1st armored battalion]


Ron ( loader of whitman’s tank)


Seiji Takeguchi ( commander of 2nd armored battalion)


Barkman (Sergent) [commander of busted tank]


Wong (Member of the SS unit) {possibly dead by Chitose’s hands for taking Kazuya to a brothel}


Glen ( Major) [Commander of the Special forces unit black specter]


Naruse (Captain) leader on the infil team in “zombie castle episode”

-Theres more there for that episode but I just didn’t feel like writing them down since       they are unlikely to show up again or very often since a lot of them died by “zombie”




Phyllis Gardner (2nd Knight Squad)[Female Knight assigned to Iris


Zara Berretta (Aide to Phyllis)


Iris (Princess) “cursed child” {Possible future Harem member}


Isabella Veruherumu (Queen of Canary Kingdom)


Aria (Princess)[Iris’s Mother]


Karen Lautrec (Duke of fort city Nashisuto) [Chitose’s main love rival for Kazuya]


Maria ( Witch) [Karen’s Friend]

Colt Zara (Beretta’s younger sister)


John Leben (prime Minister) [head of opposing faction]


Non Human Alliance


Elf sisters

    Lydia and Sarisa


Amira Rozanguru (Oger Race)

[Queen / Demon Queen of Alliance]


Feene Rozanguru (Amiras Daughter)[Lina’s Older sister]


Lina Rozanguru (Amira’s Daughter) [Feene’s Younger sister]


Nelson (Elf Noble) (D-bag…ahem… I mean Traitor)

[ Court noble form the Non-Human alliance ] gave Feene a bracelet




Adele Saxony ( Brave / Hero ) possibly female idk yet

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