MWCiAW V3 Chapter 14

Okay, guys, it’s looking like Y’all Are getting another chapter since this one was so short. Hope you all enjoy I’ll try and get the next one out soon as I can.


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Kazuya supported Misha ‘s shoulder in the falling rain and was walking slowly with two pairs of legs.


「Heave……Ho. Fu~u……」


「Tsu~……My Apologies…… Kazuya-sama for bothering you with my injuries」


「A~a, Don’t worry about such a thing. We will get you something useful from the helicopter」


Supporting Misha who was dragging his right foot, Arriving at the shade rock Kazuya gently set him down on the ground. Shortly after, Kazuya turned on his heel and began walking back to the wreckage to grab anything useful.  


「E~tsu、I going with you !!」


As Kazuya was surprised by his remark. He was attempting to get up, His face winced from the sharp the sharp pain that ran through his foot and sat back down.

「Mischa, You stay here and sit quietly, Understand?」


「Yes sir, …… My Apologies….. . 」


As Kazuya ordered in forceful tone, Misha’s shoulders dropped as he sat back down on the hard ground.


「Well then I’m off」


「Wait … Kazuya …… Sama … … quickly, come here and … …」


Finee stopped Kazuya who tried to get something to use from President Hawk.


「E~tto, I understand, Please just wait a little longer I’ll be right back」


Finee complaining about being cold with a somewhat dull expression reached out to him as if searching for something.


Kazuya picked up a branch from the nearby shadow to help with the pain from his injury, thinking that she was cold from the freezing rain, Kazuya hurried back to the Presidential Hawk in the wet rain


… … Also, He went …… hurry … … as soon as possible, Kazuya … … your -.


Finee, who had wanted Kazuya’s warmth rather than having to be cold because of the rain, felt a deep despair as Kazuya’s back was moving further away.


「Ouch, Itete…. Damn it!!」


Kazuya proceeded through the heavy towards the Presidential Hawk and climbed into the side and entered into the cabin through the missing the door that had flown of somewhere.


「There has to an emergency kit or something under the seat…… E~tto, Bingo!!」


Kazuya pulled out the emergency kit from under the seat, Despite being especially sturdy the kit was damaged from the crash.


「Un~? What the…」


As Kazuya opened the lid underneath the seat noticed something, Instead of checking the emergency kit he placed it to the side and behind it Kazuya found a small bottle containing green liquid.


Where did this come from? Or rather who put this……


Kazuya was swaying the bottle as the green liquid made a plopping noise, He twisted his neck to read the small rolled up label adhered to the bottle.


「Un~? What is….(For Kazuya’s exclusive use) This is a magical medicine that works well for any injuries. Please use this when you get a chance. from Celicia Kazuya’s faithful female slave…(P.S. Even if other people use this it will have no effect since it was made specifically for Kazuya.」


………… This fellow. How did she even get this in here? Well whatever, I appreciate it


Thanks to Celicia’s handy work, Kazuya decided to use the medicine that was secretly placed inside the cabin.


「Fu~~u…. Come on….. Gu~tsu!!! Itete! Damn pain.」


Before Using the medicine Kazuya firmly grasped the shrapnel lodged into his flank with both hands and pulled it all out in one go.


Kazuya threw away the metal piece off to the side (sfx: Gyujiru) and poured half of the medicine directly onto the the wound.


Gū ~tsu…… ha~a ha~a, n mu~tsu, gokuggoku~tsu…… puha~a ̄ …… nige ~e (Grunting and pain noises)


Drinking the remaining half of the medicine he gave a sharp look due to the bitterness of the liquid.


「Gya~h, Damn~, It hurts」


Kazuya who caught a breath after finishing a rough treatment looked at the wound again.


Excellent effect … …. It seems to be okay as long as I don’t too much.


The magic drug was working quickly, Although the openings on the flanks weren’t perfect, They had already begun to close.


I need to hurry and get back soon


After finishing his first aid Kazuya quickly returned back to where Finee and Misha were taking the survival kit, weapons, anything else that could prove useful.




It’s getting worse.


The three of them huddled next to the small campfire warming up inside the cave, With the thunderstorm, intense rain, and howling wind.


With their drenched clothes taken off to dry Kazuya used the silver heat insulating sheet from the survival kit taken from the wreckage to cover himself, Just stared out at the storm waiting for it to end


This storm is pretty bad. I doubt the enemies will coming any time soon, but ….. I’ll have to take care of everything in the morning.


While thinking about what to do next, Kazuya eyes looked down


「N~n….. Kazuya……」


There on Kazuya’s knee laid Finee who was muttering while breathing smoothly showed a peaceful face as she slept.


Somehow….. She looks just like a kitten


Finee who showed a defenceless appearance unlike her usual self entrusted her body to Kazuya as she slept.


While watching her sleeping face with a smile, Kazuya stroked FInee’s long red hair that felt good to the touch.


…..Well the sudden change in attitude is a side effect of the healing ability after all.


Maybe I should stop calling her Rozanguru-san and start Calling her Finee


Whether Kazuya restricts the use of the perfect healing ability to the appearance of such a fene as a cat who has never been blunt suddenly prone. It was when I was suffering.


「…..Kazuya, How are you doing?」


Keeping heat retention sheet tightly fitted over their bodies Misa who cuddled like a girlfriend with a dark face put her head in Kazuya’s shoulder spoke.


「We will have to move as soon as the rain stops. We need to find someplace safe to hideout in while we wait for rescue. Luckily I managed to secure some drinking water and food as well as all sorts of weapons so even if the Imperial army or any demons show up we should alright.」


Kazuya looked over to where the weapons that he picked up from the Presidential hawk were located.


First we have my military sword, Then there’s Finee’s personal long sword, five survival Knives, and two combat knives.


And one M320 grenade launcher. For ammo we have 21 high explosive rounds, muti-purpose grenades, mid-air explosive rounds, shotgun shells, tracer rounds, Armor piercing rounds, and smoke grenades (for smoke screens)


Two MP7’s with 4 Magazines, two Five-Seven’s with 4 magazines, and One Browning High powered rifle with 3 magazines.


Those were the only things I was able to recover.


Although that was a little less that half of what was regularly kept on the helicopter. Kazuya let out a sigh of relief that he was even able to recover that much equipment.


「Hopefully our friends get here before the enemy does.」


「There’s no choice but to hope that our allies arrive before the enemy does….. Misha you should get some rest soon」


「No, I’m awake, so Kazuya-san……」


「You should rest up first」


「….. I Understand」


Misha obeyed Kazuya’s order reluctantly and began to close her eyes. She immediately fell asleep after resting her head on Kazuya’s shoulder


「……Crap…. I can’t move now.」


Kazuya who was sandwiched between Finee and Misha was at a loss on what to do when he noticed after the fact when Misha fell asleep.


Although the sky was still cloudy, It was calmer and could not be compared to the previous night’s storm.


「N~n, ……~tsu…. Morning!?」


Drip……drip……Misha woke up the sound of water dripping


「Forgive me!! Kazuya….sama? Ara…..? tsu~? Kazuya-sama!? 」


Intending to switch with Kazuya after sleeping a little, Misha slept until morning turned blu in the face and began to panic when there was no sign of Kazuya was sure that she was sleeping next to him   


「No way, it can’t be !? ~tsu」


Misha thought that He must have gone somewhere, suddenly stood up and quickly removed the insulation blanket.


「Tsu~u!! I forgot!! -But!!」


Misha who had forgotten that she had broken her leg suddenly collapsed and fell back to the ground from the sever pain shooting through her leg.




Misha soon got back up placing her hands on the rocks using them for support and dragging her right leg while looking for Kazuya.


「Did you call?」




However Kazuya showed up covered in dust in front of Misha as if laughing at the thought of a panicked Misha.


「Thank goodness!!, Did Kazuya go somewhere…… Where have you been?」


「Yeah, but not too far」


Kazuya muttered without saying that he had just finished burying the three who died in the crash


「More importantly…….. Misha put some clothes on……That… It’s…. Poisonous to the eyes」


Kazuya said while looking away, Misha stroked her chest confidently, Kazuya looking awkward while scratching his cheek.


「Huh?―――― Kyaaa!!So, Sorry!!」


Misha who had forgotten that she was naked without the heat insulation blanket to cover herself, her face dyed in crimson from embarrassment, Hid her chest and lower half with her hands.


However, Because she hurriedly cover her ample chest with her hands, it seems that due to her soft breasts being pressed down they changed shape. ( and went munyu munyu)

{you all should be able to picture what’s happening at this point}


It was at that moment that Misha’s face was dyed red with shame.


「Unn~n…… Why is it so noisy?」


Finee who was rubbing her eyes woke up to Misha’s screaming


「E~tto, Finee you should something on too」




Finee had also forgotten that she was sleeping without any clothes on, Because she was slowly pulling off the heat insulated blanket her beautiful breasts was protruding  out in a provocative manner along with her lower half was exposed before Kazuya.   


「Suddenly remembering……….. Go D…Dieeeeeeeeeee!!」


Finally realizing that she was completely naked in front of Kazuya her face began to dye red. Finee tightly clenched her fist with her whole body shaking and attacked Kazuya.  


「Aitatata…… O..Oiii, What if my injury got worse!?」


Kazuya with a red print on his cheeks while carrying equipment could still move protested at Finee who made his ears red.


「Fuu~n Tsu~~u!! You’re the only one who saw me naked you should be grateful!!」


Without looking at Kazuya at all, Finee said with a strong tone to disguise embarrassment.


「Sorry, My bad」


「Fu~un Tsu~u!!」


Without even listening to Kazuya’s apology, Finee turned and looked away


Ha~a, The mood hasn’t seem lighten up, Or rather everything has returned to the way it was as if it was all a lie


……Did the side effect of the complete healing ability finally worn off? He didn’t even think about it


「Kazuya-sama,  walking slowly」


「Fu~u, We should probably get going」


Giving up Kazuya had hoped Misha would be able to help change Finee’s mood started walking


…..I will definitely return


While walking away Finee helped Misha who couldn’t Walk, Kazuya swore to the three graves next to the crashed Presidential Hawk.


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