MWCAW Chapter 13 part 1

Hey guys I know its been a pain for all the wait but I was finally able to get through the part 1 of chapter 13. My computer has been continuing to malfunction on and off so I will have to replace it soon. Anyways Hopefully I’ll be able to get the second half done before the end of the month if nothing horrible happens. Also there’s a hurricane creeping in from the Atlantic I won’t know if it will hit Florida until later this week so if nothing happens by the end of the month chances are it’s weather related. I apologize before hand. Thanks for the support.   

Now without further ado here it is.



Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World

V3-Chapter 13 part 1


Chitose and Amira were talking about the future cooperation of Parabellum and the Non-Human Alliance in a room at the headquarters at Dails Base.


[ …… N? ]


What is this strange uneasiness…..


[ What’s wrong? ]


During the discussion, Amira, who noticed that Chitose suddenly moved her gaze out towards the window asked Chitose.


“… Well, It’s nothing let’s continue our conversation, So is there a possibility that we can hope for further reinforcement of our army in the Non-Human Alliance, is there any difference?”


Chitose felt intense uncomfortable feeling like tightening her chest tightly without any premonition.

Although she felt something that could not be expressed in words, Chitose returned the story.


“Oh, that’s right … … You will also know Chitose, The status of the Demon army”


…… A~a’


“Although the Demon army that was in a state of semi-annihilation has been able to reorganize, thanks to Chitose’s arrival, most of them are recruits and their morale was low ….Finally the state of the hunt for remnants of the Imperial Army. In such a situation I will receive the offensive of the Imperial Army again now.That’s why I would like the number of stationed troops to be increased as a restraint on the Imperial Army. “


“Hmm … … It is possible to reinforce Armament at Dails Base, but …”




Amira relieved by Chitose’s response let out a sigh of relief.


“Oh, although expansion of the base is necessary, We can provide 10 to 20 thousand infantry units, 1000 combat vehicles and 500 aircraft, we can do it”


But Chitose bounds the words meaningfully.


“But there would not be any benefit in it for us “




Amida and Amira’s keeper silent in the words of Chitose and silence flows in the room.


“Your President is broad and merciful, Although we are providing assistance to your country in the form of humanitarian aid to the refugees, and assistance in reconstruction efforts as well as eliminating the imperial army free of charge that comes with our Alliance any further request would need to compensated for. “


…… This dip shit of a country is not going to pay for compensation and all while requesting us to provide more support how annoying.


Chitose thought about such a thing while smoking a flame of hatred against a certain country within her heart.


“Of course I am going to pay for it though, but ….Because there is nothing in my house that Chitose likes. Land and mine that I proposed as a compensation before, additional burning water – You do not need an oil field, do you? “


As Amira scratches his head with Gashagashi saying it is troubling.


“Oh, yes, because the land is too far from home and I already own the mine in the canary kingdom, the oil fields are already sufficient for the transfer.”


“Well Um, other compensation, compensation …… Compensation …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… That’s it!, a woman what about a woman for Kazuya – “


“I do not need it !!”


While folding her arms, Chitose cut off Amira’s suggestion that she proposed.


“…… Can you at least allow me to finish what I’m going to say … ….”


“Hm !!! A sow that can not be known to anyone’s husband to your husband – Gohon! ! It is speechless to bring a woman closer !! Compensation for the expansion of the army is not so cheap that it can balanced out with a woman!”


“… … that’s right, well then, what shall I do?”


Well then, I suppose we will have to proceed with that “plan” now … how unpleasant ….


I thought that it is necessary for Amira to promptly realize the plans of secretly promoting the plans of Chitose’s raging.


Instead of being asked to reinforce the stationed troops in that way it was when Amira was bothering her head for compensation.


“Then, I will excuse you!”


Colonel Bangas, a member of the Guards from Parabellum, Rushed into the room where the talks were held.


“Its an Emergency! Chitose Vice President !!”


“What happened? Report it calmly.”


Looking at the unusual attitude of Colonel Bangas Chitose told Colonel Bangas to settle down.


“Ha !! About half an hour ago the helicopter that the President was on appeared to have been attacked by magic weapons attached with something that looked like” feathers ” Reports from Army two arrived that they were shot down! “




… ………… The helicopter master was riding … … went down? …… This one …… What are you saying?


“What, it can’t be true?”


“No way !?”


“Is it a false alarm !?”


When she heard the words that Colonel Bangas said, Chitose did not understand what Colonel Bangas was saying, Bewildered, Amira stood up from the table without consideration of surprise and the person on the side of Parabellum who participated in this meeting stood grim.


“That can’t be true! It is not a false report !! Today at 14:30 (Human Yon Sanmar), the inspector of the oil field received an ambush of flight-type magical weapons that seemed to belong to the Imperial Army on the way home. A total of four aircraft and three escort aircraft one of which His Excellency was ridding crashed in the Cologne hilly area! The aircraft on which President His Excellency was riding seems to have fallen into a valley in the hilly area! “


– shocked. (sfx)




……What does it mean?


Chitose who just listened to the report of the Bangas colonel’s mind just shudderly responded to the part of “That 4 aircraft of the fleet crashed into Cologne, three escort aircraft and the aircraft on which the President was riding.”


“Cologne hilly area !? this is bad, that is a monster cave! Is Kazuya still safe !?”


The escort troops who fell into overwhelming disarray because they could not contact with HQ have left the airspace, so the status of the President is unknown! ! Also, we can not confirm the lives of two pilots who were onboard along with the President, Fene · Rosalgue, and the maids Shale and culottes! ! As for the pilots of the escort machines that was shot down, it is thought that they were unable to escape and are thought to killed in action! !


“Fi, Fina was with them!? … …!!


Well … about that…. I thought that it was safe so I allowed her to go along instead staying behind here with me… ….


Please god let them be alive Fine! ! Kazuya! !


When she heard that my daughter was on a helicopter that crashed, Amira was overwhelmed with horror and dropped back into her seat, praying for the survival of the two who are indispensable for herself.


“Also, the three 3 who were onboard Army 2 Leila, Linna, Ell, who had been aboard Army 2 as  they left the airspace, jumped off from the helicopter and seemed to head to the President’s rescue afterwards The mission is unknown !! “




When Colonel Bangas finished reporting, the room was wrapped in hopeless feeling but no one cried, as if the sound had gone from the world, it became quiet.


“Army 2 …… Another president Hawk that your master did not board is unscathed …?”


It was Chotse that broke the silence first.


“Er, Oh, yes! Army 2 is intact !!”


While standing in the seat, while rolling, he swayed the body swaying right and left and tilting his head to the state of Chitose approaching slowly, Colonel Bangas replied.




What? What say you say – Gack! explain?


“How did the enemy know which aircraft master was on ?!”


Chitose grabbed the collar of Colonel Bangas who tried to reply back without understanding the meaning of Chitose’s question and lifted it in the air.


“Giggly, I’m glad!” {Makes no sense here’s the org. [ぐっ!?い゛、い゛ぎがでぎっ!!]


“Vice President Chitose! Please stop !!”


As Chitose suddenly suspended Col. Bangas, the soldiers in Parabellum who were in the surroundings panickedly rushed over Chitose.


“I thought I was going to die!”


Colonel Bangas who was released from the Chitoses grip crowded tears in the outer corner of his eyes collapsed to the floor and coughs.


“Unhand me !! It’s the same aircraft!? Army 1 and Army 2 are the exact same aircraft with their external look !! That means while Army 2 escaped safely !! That means that the enemy was somehow able to confirm who was onboard Army 1 !! how did the information leak out to the enemy !! “


Tsu~ What? Well, certainly … I understand, I understand! ! Because I understood, Vice President Chitose! ! Please calm down! ! Right now, I have to give President His Excellency the highest priority! !


When she heard that Army 2 was safe, Chitose was furious at realizing Kazuya’s daily schedule, which should be the most important secret, and the fact that the flying aircraft belonged to the enemy.


“Oh! That’s right !! Master !! Have all the units that can be mobilized prepare for deployment!! We will begin rescue operation for the President Immediately!”


Roger. – “


“But, it is useless !! Vice president !!”


– Giro! !


“What did you say!?”


Colonel Bangas interrupted Chitose ‘s orders trying to rescue Kazuya.


“Hii !! Sorry, the airspace that the president’s helicopter has fallen is currently in a storm and the aircraft can not approach until the storm stops due to poor visibility!”


Colonel Bangas, who received a sharp eye of Chitose, was afraid but managed to finish what he was saying.


“I am aware of that!”


“But, even if you sortie now, you can not reach the place where Presidential Hawk crashed because of poor visibility !! If you do something wrong, you will be wasting your strength!”


“What you have! No matter how much we can lose our strength, whether it is raining or spearing, why not seeing anything due to poor visibility we will always rescue master !! Hurry up with the sortie preparation! “




Ignoring the persuasion of Colonel Bangas without considering the possibility that Kazuya may already be dead, Chitose instructed the preparation of the sortie.


“You’ll be coming along as well”


When she heard Chitose ‘s decision, Amira, who had been silent till now, said.


“Ah … …, do whatever you want”


Thus Parabellum began the mobilization of the units from Dallas base for the rescue mission of Kazuya.


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  2. Should they use Scroched-Earth Tactic, they can eaaily sweep the entire area and Point-defense crash site. And speaking of weather, Weather Control Sattelite is tge best option by far, next in line is the Ion Canon Sattelite to clear a large portion of cloud and wind off the surface.
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  5. Bad grammar but at least understandable…
    If Kazuya summon nuclear weapons left unused for only extreme importance then Chitose will used it for her master against the ones who did harm to her beloved. Hearing her beloved master is in danger knowing the Empire is the cause with her extremely dangerous yandere side more horrifying than a demon’s aura she will utterly used the nukes to decimate the entire Empire. But it seem her composure suppressed her yandere emotion and it seem her master did not summon nukes yet or maybe already has but left not yet said.


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