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Modern Weapons Cheat In Another World

Volume 3 Chapter 12


“Ow ow ow … my waist hurts …”


Borrowing a room in the succubus mansion (In the middle of all the commotion, an accident in which the excited the succubus who were curious came out and Chitose chase them away with a swing from a Japanese sword) The feeding frenzy that lasted for 2 days finally ended the following morning, Kazuya whose face were exhausted were sitting in the office chair inside the Dallas Base was massaging his waist which was throbbing with dull pain.


“Master, are you okay?”


“Shall I bring you some poultice?” ( Herbal medicine )


When Kazuya was rubbing his back, Reina and Linna, who had remained by him, asked Kazuya with a concerned face.


“Ye-yeah, I could really use some”


“Understood, I’ll bring some right away”


“Where does it hurt, Master?”


The elder sister Reina got up and went to pick up some poultice and her sister Linna gently gave a massage with her little hands until the poultice came.


They are good children … …. (kazuya inner thought)


Since the day before until yesterday they were drowning in lust and greed with Chitose the person who was seeking Kazuya’s sperm. Now these two girls stood there with a neat and graceful behavior.


Kazuya loosened his cheeks while being healed by such lovely maids who appeared to be ladies during the day but embodied the skills and appearance prostitute at night .


“Wow, it’s feeling a lot better. Thank you Reina, Linna”


“Te hee” (changed from “Ehe e”)


After being asked to put a patch of the medicine on his waist, After they bowed he stroked the heads of the two girls. They were pleased and showed a soft smile suitable for their age. Kazuya who was healed further in such a way decided to give them a reward.


“Here, I have a reward for the both of you.”


Kazuya said so and took out a letter opener from the office desk and made a small cut on his index finger allowing blood to come out and presented his index finger before their eyes.




At the moment when they saw the red blood coming out from the wound on Kazuya’s index finger, Reina and Linna transformed their gentle looks into that of predator eyeing its prey.


The expression reminiscent of that feeding frenzy – the eyes that filled with lust and their cheeks flushed and dyed in red, huh … ha … … and as they exhale heated breaths, the two kneeled before Kazuya and competed against each other, they gently rolled their small tongues on the index finger where the blood was coming and began to lick the blood that overflowed carefully.


`N chi ~yu… funn, ni ~yuchu…… pero~tsu, n n ~tsu, n…… pero~tsu’

(I’m assuming finger sucking sounds)


“Chu …… … a little … … Huhu … Peru … Chu” (ditto as above lol)


At the end of Kazuya’s line of sight while sitting in a chair and presenting his index finger, two beautiful girls kneeled while wearing maid dresses with wings that looked like that of a bat growing from their back that were flapping looked like a puppy’s tail that were wagging, It was as if they were performing a foreplay, they licked his fingers in a frenzy while making a dirty sound with Picha Picha, He was starting to get frustrated with all the fidgeting near his crotch.


It was when Kazuya’s lower half who was devoted to being idle began to erect and get into a position of battle.


―Kon –Kon.


“Master? The helicopter is ready. “


Today, Chitose came into Kazuya’s room to inform him that the preparations for the VH – 60N President Hawk that was arranged for the inspection of the oil field that was scheduled was finished. (No idea how to make sense of it) VH-60n


“Oh! Oh, oh, I know I’ll go now”


Kazuya was mesmerized by pleasure as he gave blood to the two vampires, but he quickly returned to reality because of Chitose’s voice who could be heard from the other side of the door. In a panic he answered and looked at Reina and Linna after replying.


“It’s time already …. Reina, linna, would you like to come along?”


`Fu ~e?…… Fu ~ai……… n ~tsu… yes’


`Chupu, chi ~yu, n ku~tsu…… ha~a…… ha~a…… Of course’


The two vampires who were sucking the blood left on their forefingers with entranced look while staring at Kazuya’s index finger, even after they heard Kazuya’s voice. As they continued to look at Kazuya’s index finger they quickly snapped back to reality by the voices of their Lord and Chitose. Thanks to their training they instantly repressed their vampire instincts to seek blood, and answered Kazuya’s call.


“Here, hurry up”


…… I suppose I should not have allowed them drink so much, I wonder if they drank too much?


Kazuya opened the door of the room while hurrying the two people who are a still wandering in a daze with a red face, because they drank the blood from their Lord as opposed drinking from a bowl.


On the other side of the opened door there were the Maids Elle and Shale, Culottes and Captain of the Guards, including Chitose, but there was Fina who was also standing beside Chitose along with them.


“Ara? Rozangur, When did you get back?” (ED: Fina Rozangur in case someone forgot her full name, which I did)


Kazuya who thought that only Chitose, the maids, and Guard members were the only ones in front of the door said that while he was a little surprised to see Fina standing next to Chitose.


“… … Is there a problem with me being here?”


Didn’t you leave Kazuya side for a while to study in Parabellum? Then, as Fina, who returned earlier, said that she was hurt, as she was hurt by Kazuya’s remark.


“No, no … … no problem.”




Fina, who had begun to take a gentle attitude towards Kazuya slightly after the former case (the day when he helped bell the half elf), was acting like spoiled child pampered by her parents wer pouting as Kazuya turned turn his face away.


…………! Wh-what am I doing! ! If I take such attitude won’t it just show that I’m sulking!?


“……………… *Cough*, I heard that you will be heading to the facility to process more burning water, I wonder if you can take me as well”


It was Fina who was turning her face away from Kazuya as if she was rebellious for about 3 seconds, but in spite of being conscious she noticed that she had been acting like a child, she blushed and fixed herself.


“Oh, it’s okay, it would be much more enjoyable if someone beautiful like Fina – …! … … would come ……”


“H-hmph, I won’t be tricked by such an obvious flattery”


Fina complains about Kazuya’s real flattery to change her mood, Fina was flustered that she was struggling and said it was not a pleasant thing to hear, but she smiled as her face began to blush .


However, Kazuya was not aware at first after he had told Fina that she was beautiful, but something happened at the moment Kazuya praised Fina as a beauty.


“Oh, really. So you would rather have someone beautiful like Fina – huh! What? “


―― Bikibiki~tsu! !


Now I’ve done it! ! crap, crap, crap! ! you idiot! !


Romaji (Yatchimatta ̄̄̄ ! ! Mazui, mazui, mazui! ! Ore no bakā̄̄ ! !)

“It is a big welcome if … ….”

At the moment Kazuya said Fina as a beauty, Chitose who was with jealousy distorted like a general woman, and a black aura began to emanate around her.

This is bad … it’s really bad. Chitose grabs my hands (female soldiers and maids of parabellum)? I am tolerant for my part, Even though I will not allow you to take action(Iris, Karen, Fine)! !

Why did I compliment Fina in front of Chitose! !

By that time again the feeding frenzy started …………! ! (Gokugaku)

While pretending to be calm on the surface Kazuya’s head was suddenly hugged and felt banging, His eyes met with Chitose who turned into a han’nya when I was standing around.

What! “What …” Because everyone will serve you as soon as you come back from inspection “… ♪

It is not a service, it is a punishment by the name of service … … Ahah … ….

Kazuya became frightened and burned out blankly to the words conveyed in mouth Park from eye to eye where the eyes met.

Kazuya drifted completely awkwardly, Kazuya drifted a sense of despair, and Chitose who wears a terrible air that is ill advised to come near, without knowing such a scene such as having such a scene, taking a little distance awkwardly from three such chaotic people, The members of the Guards and the maids made their way to the helicopter began walking to the heliport waiting for the Presidential.

“Well, Master, please take care of yourself”

Two VH-60n helicopters arrived and Kazuya got on the helicopter, Chitose remained in the base with a very nice smile because there was plans for a meeting with Amira after this.

“Got it, I’ll be back …”

Kazuya replied while being breathtaking with such a smile of Chitose, but if you go to visit the oil field without striking anything like this, hell like heaven? Heaven like heaven? The frenzied banquet is opened! ! In order to break down the current situation Kazuya looked back, to confirming that Fina, Shale, Culottes are not watching this, and leaning out from the helicopter he suddenly pulled Chitose’s arm and quickly took a kiss from her lips.

“Huh!! … … … Chu, Huh, … Juu … Huhu, hee hee, cheer, more …. Chu, Juuu ….”

Kazuya confirming that they could not be heard because of the noise emitted by the helicopter Kazuya creates obscene sounds and entangles the saliva and rebels the tongue and tramps over Chitose’s mouth.

“Much, huh, huh …… master, more …”

When a rich and intense mouthfeel that makes me feel such an affair is over, I will lean against Chitose Hakuzaka and Kazuya who have stopped entering the waist and seek a continuation with a slurping voice.

“No, the rest is will be after I return” he looked at her clearly. “Did you understand?

When he abandon Chitose’s request, Kazuya exchanged a last kiss light enough to touch the lips.

“Huh, huh, huh, I understand … Master” (`N ~tsu, ha~a, ha~a, wakarimashita ~a…… goshujinsama ~a’)

Chitose nodded with the usual dignified expression that he could not imagine and nodded, While putting strength to her waist and standing on her feet, she moved away from Kazuya. And I confirmed that Chitose was far enough the helicopter took off from the heliport

OK, doing that with chitose. I could avoid frenzied feasts. Fuu … ….

Kazuya sighed in the helicopter taking off gradually going up to the sky hoping that he could avoid the feeding frenzy.


But Kazuya does not know that Shayle and Culotte were smiling with a silent smile with such Kazuya at their side.



Looking out from the viewing window a strong wind blew past, and under the cloudy sky that looked like it was threatening to rain, two VH-60N President Hawk and its 4 AH-64D Apache longbow escorts, and a security detail of 10 fully armed Mi-24/35 Mk.III Super Hind with the crew members arranging themselves into a formation.

“… …. Nagato, something wrong … … rather frustrating, is it okay?”

On the way home after the inspection of the oil fields transferred from the Non-Human Alliance to Parabellum in return for reinforcements, Fina saw Kazuya ‘s haughty face in the Presidential Hawk’ s cabin that was shaken by the strong wind and swaying with rattles.

“… …. Ah, It’s fine, don’t mind me.”


When acting differently from Fina during the inspection of the oil field, his face became flushed because of being unable to turn away from the obscene noises coming from Layla, Laina, Elle, Shale, and Culotte. Kazuya, who was unable to reply properly, makes his words obscure.

Looking at Kazuya, did something happen to Nagato? Fina tilted her head in curiosity..

“Looks like the weather is getting worse …”

Kazuya replied as he stared out from the window of President Hawk to distract himself from the concerned Fina.

“… Ah, that’s right.”

Fina who realized that Kazuya obviously tried to change the topic decided to take care and put on the story for Kazuya.

“This time of the year just before winter arrives, the area frequently turns rough”

“Is that so … … are there Yokai living here?

“No, the Yokai tribe does not live in this neighborhood”

“Why? As far as you see it is just a hilly area rich in nature … ….”

“It’s because of demons”

“… …. Oh, so that’s why?”

The more Kazuya listened to Fina’s words. he nods.

“The land around here is under the control of the elves, but I hear that there are too many evil monsters and even the elves who manage it rarely go in. That’s why we call it the forest of no return.”

Hmm, it is a waste. So it’s naturally safe to assume that it remains untouched?

It was when Kazuya asked for Fina’s explanation and casually looked his eyes on the ground.

Huh?, Something’s moving! !

Kazuya who found a moving object in the forest on the ground gasped and froze.

“Emergency maneuver! Right back !!”



Despite the sudden cries of Kazuya, the President Hawk’s pilot responded quickly and twisted the flight controls to the right as instructed and stepped on the engine pedal exactly.

As a result, President Hawk jumps like a rampaging horse, and the aircraft is greatly shaken.

Immediately after that, a large amount of magic bullet passed by the place where President Hawk that Kazuya rides was until now.

“We have hostiles!! shit”

Kazuya screamed while staring at the enemy from the aircraft as it shook greatly due to a sudden right turn.

“- Why are there magic weapons in such a place!”

The identity that attacked Kazuya was a myriad of magical weapons attached to something that looked like “wings” on its back.

The magic weapons that were improved to be able to fly in the sky were aimed at Kazuya. The moment when the Presidential hawk was over head a sudden attack of magical bullets was fired  from the machines lurking in the forest below. As soon as they realised that the attack had failed the machines began to fly into the air. Although the other helicopter looked exactly the same as the one the he was on. Kazuya’s presidential Hawk was the only one attacked.

“HQ this is Army 1 !! Enemy’s surprise attack received !!”


“HQ !? Respond !!”


“Damn !! No response !!”

“Kuso!! at a time like this!”

Army 1 ‘s pilot and copilot tried to contact HQ actively but failed due to radio interference.

Abandoning all attempts to call for reinforcements, The AH-64d and Super Hinds opened fire at the magical flying machines with machine guns and air to air missiles to provide cover fire for the downed VH-60n that Kazuya was riding in. As the escort crafts took down one machine after another the enemy did not stop their momentum and continued to concentrate their assault.    

While doing that, Kazuya was barely able to avoid the first assault. Eventually the Presidential Hawk was assaulted with more centrated attacks as the magical machines raised into the air one after another. The rotary wing at the tail of the aircraft was hit by a magical bullet and blew off the tail rotor.

“What! ! Army 1 is going down! ! “

“you’re kidding! ! “

“Sonna! ! That’s the President’s aircraft! ! “

Immediately after Kazuya’s Presidential hawk was hit, voices similar to the screams of pilots of the escort machine flew.

`Kusottare!!’  (translates to Fucked up or Mother fucker…. So I left it as is)

“May Day, May Day, May Day !! Army 1 !! Hit by a surprise attack from enemy and hit the tail rotor !! Going down !! Repeat !! Army 1 shot !! Going down !!” ( changed to crash to goIn the

In the descending Presidential Hawk’s cabin, Warning lights informing of abnormalities in the aircraft was blaring. The knocked off tail rotor was spewing black smoke and rotated like a kurukuru and continued to fall to the ground. The two pilots desperately tried to stabilized the airframe as they glared down at the equipment and cried out while clinging to the control stick.

“Brace for impact!”

Kazuya, who was watching the ground coming closer and closer from within the aircraft immediately, screams to the Fina.

OK! ! If we keep falling like this we’ll crash in the forest! !

It was when Kazuya calmly sees the crash point of the aircraft beginning to move while clinging to the handrail. Began to fall towards a small gaping hole leading to a dark valley as if it was being manipulated by a sudden invisible force.  

What! How?

While Kazuya was suddenly surprised when the direction of falling of the aircraft suddenly changed, the aircraft fell as if it were manipulated by something to the valley and finally the aircraft was sucked into the valley.

Kusokkon’natokorode ~tsu! ! ( translates to Fucking in here)

Kazuya lost consciousness in the place where I saw the bottom of the valley which is approaching at last, inside the plane falling to the bottom of the valley while turning round and round, irrespective of up / down / left / right climb over the cliff walls with narrow and deep valleys repeatedly.


“Army 1 crashes !! Crashed !!”

Shooting down Army 1 and crying the captain of Army 2 while avoiding the attack of magical weapons that attacked just the next you are you guys

“No, no way! What? “

“Wow! ! … … Fucking ah! ! “

“Such … … no, no, no! ! “

In spite of life it was dropped in front of the aircraft on which a person to be protected had gone, and voices and screams burning in the fury of the pilots resounded through the radio.

“… … … fuck !! Each arm from Army 2, I will immediately leave the current airspace!” (edit)

The Captain of Army 2 who has the highest class in this place decides bitterness with a face like a massive biting of insults and instructs pilots of surviving helicopters.

‘I have to leave! What? Are you going to forsake the president! ! “

“Do not be silly! ! You abandon your Excellence and run away! What? “

The voices of opposition fly simultaneously from other pilots to the direction of captain commander Army 2.

“Shut up !!”


The pilots breathe on the captain’s outburst.

“Think of the situation !! Even if we are here, it is just a matter of being shot down by the number of enemies!”

As commanded by the captain, immediately after shooting down Army 1, military weapons who changed the target to be escorted had already dropped one AH – 64D and two Mi – 24 / 35Mk. III.

In addition to indicating that the captain’s judgment is correct, while each pilot is talking, each machine is desperately evading attacks from the magical weapons that are shooting at them while doing evasive maneuvers.

“Let us disembark at least before leaving! ! “

Suddenly, a member of the guard aboard Mi – 24/35 Mk. III interrupted the radio.

“It is useless!!”

“Why is it so! ! “

“You say that but think about the situation !! The altitude is too low for you to do a parachute descent!”

“So directly! ! “

“Are you stupid !! Let’s say that we hover the aircraft at low altitude to lower you! The aircraft will definitely be shot down! The only thing we can do right now is to get back to Dallas Base as soon as possible and return with reinforcements !! Do you understand !! “

“… … damn! ! understood! ! “


Pilots followed while holding various thoughts to the Captain ‘s question.

“Alright, I will withdraw from the area !!”

It was when the captain tried to head off to the Dallas Base by shaking off the pursuit of magical weapons in saying so.

– Garach! ! (――ガラッ!!)

Suddenly, I heard the sound of opening the door of the aircraft from the back.

The Captain who was surprised by it looked backward and at the same time Reina, Linna, Ell jumped off from the President Hawk.

“Ah-shit !!”

“You have to be kidding! What? Someone from Army 2 jumped! ! “

“What was that! What? “

“Army 2 !! The president’s maids who rode jumped off!”

“” “Ha~a!? “”

“Well, what are you going to do! What? “

“There is nothing we can do about it !! It is impossible to catch them any more !!”

Three people who jumped out into the sky shortly after the captain stopped flying towards the ground while Reina and Liner supported Ell who can not fly by itself.

“Fu~ck !!”

Regardless of the 3 people who jumped out without risk, they were able to only run away, but in spite of their unspeakable feeling of helplessness and frustration, the captain desperately wanted to rescue them but continued to fly towards Dallas Base.